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Well as previously said I’m into TVXQ and Yunjae. HEHEHE. For some strange reason these guys captured my full attention. I really don’t remember when my fascination or more like addiction to them started it might have been 2005 or earlier than that. I like the way their voices join together when they sing and I guess it’s also because of their humbleness towards to other people. I don’t know them personally but from bits of information that I was able to gather thru online. Their lives before they made it big. The way they carried on despite of everything that was thrown on them for me was something I would like to have. I guess you could say their strong guts and perseverance was really something. I may not understand Korean and Japanese but because of these guys I took the initiative to learn both language. I have a long way to go but as they always say FIGHTING! And about Yunjae. What else can I say. I know most people will curse at me for saying these but like Yunjae together. They just seem too perfect for each other. Most people say that it’s all fan service or whatever. Well whatever they are right now I just hope they will stay together forever. I don’t care if they end up friends or more than friends I just hope they will stay together thru thick and thin. What they have is something that cannot be replaced. Same goes for the other members I hope when the fame is gone they would still stick together coz from what I see they complete each other. I hope I made sense.