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I miss him already....

Leon vs jyj

I just read the news how could they do that to junsu? Makes me wonder how much more can they take before one of them breaks?

I try really hard....

I try really hard not to read any news from Kpop. Lately well more like ever since tvxq'S split I stopped because for one I don't want to hate any members at all. We really have no idea what went on that led to their disbandment. Yeah we heard a few things but not everything. Although I have to admit I'm a jyj fan I like them because they have talent. Now I'm not saying homin doesn't have talent but I guess I just like the sound of jyj more. It feels as if their music has a heart and soul which unfortunately I can't seem to find with homin songs. But lately with all the things that's happening with JYJ I feel really bad for them. How much more could this group take before they break? They won every case but still no one would take them. I used to like Korea before. But now I'm having second thoughts about it. And I know it's not fair to judge a place just because of this situation. But I just can't help it.........

Can't get a break even on holidays.....

This sucks bigtime. Holidays are suppose to be fun, festive. Right now I would rather be at work than home. Why does it always have to be your love ones the one to ruin your holidays? Now I'm not even looking forward for new year at all.
I just read a news about Junsu more like what they did to him with his performance. I understand that they actually made an apology letter already but it breaks my heart to read as what's happening to JYJ. First of for the promoters and tv networks why do they even bother inviting JYJ if they are gonna cut their performance in the end. I mean do they really think the fans are that stupid to believe with their excuses?  I know this are the consequences that JYJ has to go thru ever since they left the group but is this even reasonable now? I used to like Korea a lot before but with all this things going on with JYJ it makes me think twice now. I know I shouldn't generalize it to all bit it saddens me that this is happening in plain public view and the fact that every network seems just try to brush every thing under the rug just leaves a bad taste for me. I hope JYJ gets their break they have talent other country sees it and they acknowledge them for it. But for their country to do that to them is just sad. 


My brain is going crazy from too much thinking.  I think I need to watch Running man to calm me down. 

I hope it all ends well

I just read this update http://jyj3.net/2012/06/20/info-120619-lawsuit-between-sm-entertainment-and-jyj/ regarding JYJ's status.  I'm happy that a specific date had been given and hope that the court does side with them.  I just want all of this to be done and over with so that people who are involved could start the process of moving on.  It's been a long travel already and I know more is to come since SME wont give up but atleast it could provide alittle bit of closure.

Lj is so messed up right now!!!

Shoots! LJ is killing me!  why cant I get any updates!!!!!
Today is the day I let go of everything.  I need a fresh start and its going to start now.  I have to put myself first from now on.  I try to place everybody else first without realizing that upon doing so I leave nothing for myself.  I have to love myself first. 


Well as previously said I’m into TVXQ and Yunjae. HEHEHE.

For some strange reason these guys captured my full attention. I really don’t remember when my fascination or more like addiction to them started it might have been 2006 or earlier than that. I like the way their voices join together when they sing and I guess it’s also because of their humbleness towards to other people.

I don’t know them personally but from bits of information that I was able to gather thru online. Their lives before they made it big. The way they carried on despite of everything that was thrown on them for me was something I would like to have.

I guess you could say their strong guts and perseverance was really something.

I may not understand Korean and Japanese but because of these guys I took the initiative to learn both language. I have a long way to go but as they always say FIGHTING!

And about Yunjae. What else can I say. I know most people will curse at me for saying these but like Yunjae together.

They just seem too perfect for each other. Most people say that it’s all fan service or whatever. Well whatever they are right now I just hope they will stay together forever.

I don’t care if they end up friends or more than friends I just hope they will stay together thru thick and thin. What they have is something that cannot be replaced.

Same goes for the other members I hope when the fame is gone they would still stick together coz from what I see they complete each other. I hope I made sense.

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